Bible Emotions (Mental Health) Jar

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Struggling with your emotions? Finding the right Scripture can make all the difference. The Bible Emotions jar is filled with 54 Mental Health related Bible Verses, color-coded for easy access based on your feelings. Created to bring hope when you're struggling it's the perfect gift for those dealing with depression, anxiety, or grief and loss.

Remember, it's okay not to be okay; your feelings are valid. Through it all, know that God cares for you deeply.

Each jar is handmade with love, with every scripture intentionally chosen, individually cut, and carefully placed inside. It's our way of letting you know you're not alone in this.


  • 3.52 in W x 4.2 in H
  • Jar decoration is text "In the waiting, in the searching, in the hurting, in the healing, there was Jesus"
  • 54 Mental Health Bible Verses To bring hope when you're struggling printed on different colored thick card stock paper.
  • Card stock shades of color may vary from jar to jar.